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Get 5,000 Gamerscore for referring others to purchase

PROMOTION IS VALID FROM 04/21/2024 TO 05/21/2024


Step 1) Before referring people, register an account at Envy
Step 2) Ask someone you know to buy an account or service at
Step 3) Get them to register on Envy by going to
Step 4) Once your referral has bought an account or service contact on Envy to validate purchase, by visiting
Step 5) Contact me with the PlayerAuctions Order ID that the buyer received. If this ID matches with the buyers ID I will get you 5,000 Gamerscore free

Terms and Conditions

This promotion is subject to a minimum spend of $10.00. There are no limits to how many people you can refer to get rewarded 5,000 free Gamerscore. Any existing buyer can refer others. Registration on Envy is required for both participants. Upon successful referral 5,000 will be earned on your account. Buyers will receive 10,000 free for purchasing as part of the standard rewards found at
All sales are done through PlayerAuctions except website memberships. If you cannot find an account or service that interests the one you're referring, ask them to contact me for a custom amount for service or account
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Promoted Blogs Spotlight

Promoted Blogs Spotlight