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Discount $14.99 JokingE[HIDDEN] - 46,000 Gamerscore

This is a special discounted price on an account or service
Introducing a 46,000 Gamerscore account available to be bought. Gamertag is partially hidden to protect buyer privacy. 2PXUK is a seller of Gamerscore accounts and Gamerscore services on buyers accounts at affordable pricing. No mods are used on the accounts I make or work on so you'll never get reset or suspended. Take a moment to review my feedback and buy with confidence.

All accounts that state OTP Free means you won't need to wait on me to provide an OTP code. First time security was never added so when you login it will prompt you to add security information. It'll be like you're the very first owner. Other sellers who sell high Gamerscore accounts will most likely try to scam you by contacting Microsoft about Unauthorized Access to get it back, but with the accounts I sell have no billing history, no memberships, no games, no dlc, just Gamerscore, making you the first owner of the account from the moment you add first time security with no prior billing history you can have peace of mind.

Xbox accounts I sell that require no OTP also have a free one time Gamertag change that wasn't used, so you won't have to spend out extra to change it!

No multiplayer history so you can rank up in all your favorite games again but with 46,000 Gamerscore. No one would suspect you're on a new smurf account!

- 46,000 Gamerscore
- Free Gamertag change
- No Mods
- Instant Delivery
- No OTP required

How does OTP free work?

To keep thing simple, when you login for the first time (depending when it was created) it'll give you up to 7 days to skip adding first time security, so when you buy, PlayerAuctions will automatically provide the login details to the buyer and the buyer will be presented with something looking like this.



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