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Hello! Envy here!​

With another exciting feature introduced to the website. None other than the all new referral program! How does it work? Well that's the simple part. Visit your Account Details and find your referral link click the copy link button and get your friends to register and start reaping the rewards! Below is what you can earn from getting your friends and family to register on Envy

  • 100 Envy Points if the one you refer registers and creates at least one post
  • 1000 Envy Points or $5 Referral cash withdrawal able to PayPal If the one you refer registers and buys any Envy Membership

There are two currencies on Envy. Referral Cash and Envy Credits

Referral cash can be withdrew to a payment method of your choosing such as PayPal
Envy Credits can only be used on the website. You cannot convert Envy Credits to Referral Cash. By default you'll automatically receive 1000 credits if the requirements are met, but you can contact a staff member to have the credits exchanged for $5 referral cash.

If you hold a Envy Credit balance of greater than 50,000 you can request it to be converted to real money and have it withdrew to a payment method of your choosing providing your account has made at one membership purchase of Platinum. Memberships must have been paid with real money and not Envy credits you have accumulated free.​

Example of wallet


That's right! You can earn Envy Credits free and use those points to buy memberships on Envy. Pretty cool huh? Here are some of the exciting ways you can earn points free.

  • Creating a thread will earn you 10 credits (unlimited)
  • Being awarded a badge by Staff will earn you 150 credits
  • Daily login will earn you 20 credits (daily)
  • Following a member will earn you 5 credits (unlimited)
  • Reacting to a post will earn you 5 credits (unlimited)
  • Registration will earn you 100 credits (one time only)
  • Replying to a thread/post will earn you 5 credits (unlimited)
  • Adding tags in your content will earn you 5 credits (unlimited)
  • Viewing content across Envy will earn you 1 credit (unlimited)
  • Uploading an avatar will earn you 500 credits (one time only - Required paid membership)
So start earning points through referrals or activity today and buy yourself a membership to unlock even more cool features on Envy!
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