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2PX Sales Chat | Envy

2PX Sales Chatroom

Before connecting to the sales and support chatroom please take a moment to review the terms and rules. To do this, click here.

2PX uses an IRC Network. Before you connect here are some useful tooltips on some commands.

/nick new-nickname (Changes your current nickname from default)

/NickServ register password email (Registers your current nickname)

You can also use the Envy IRC Network as a way to meet up with others, or meet new friends. The Envy IRC network has a 24 hour Trivia chatroom where members can put their knowledge to the test and try and answer questions as quick as they can. In the upcoming few months there will be competitions held for being in the TOP 10 monthly and weekly trivia ranking. To play trivia, please connect to the webchat and type /join #trivia (Or if you are not needing help with 2PX accounts or service you can simply replace #2PX on the next page with #Trivia before connecting.)

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    29 April 2024
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