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  1. Envy

    Official Thread Referral Program

    Hello! Envy here! With another exciting feature introduced to the website. None other than the all new referral program! How does it work? Well that's the simple part. Visit your Account Details and find your referral link click the copy link button and get your friends to register and start...
  2. Earn credits for free Xbox Accounts

    Promoted Earn credits for free Xbox Accounts

    As part of our efforts to give free gamerscore away You can earn credits unlimited credits. To find out how this works, please visit the link below https://www.envy.chat/rewards/credits/
  3. 2pxuk

    Official Envy Credits: What are they?

    As part of an ongoing effort to reward customers and visitors who have never bought I have introduced a credits system. These credits can be earned by activity on the website. Each requirement for credits to be earned are different and have different values. Some can only be done once, or once a...
  4. 2pxuk

    Official Rereferral Program

    Get 5,000 Gamerscore for referring others to purchase HOW IT WORKS Step 1) Before referring people, register an account at Envy Step 2) Ask someone you know to buy an account or service at https://www.playerauctions.com/store/2pxuk/?producttype=Account Step 3) Get them to register on Envy by...
  5. 2pxuk

    Official Get Free Gamerscore

    HAVE YOU BOUGHT FROM 2PXUK? You could get free Gamerscore on accounts I have worked on. The rewards program is new and all customers are eligible. HOW DOES IT WORK? Once you have bought a Gamerscore Xbox Account or Gamerscore service from 2PXUK on PlayerAuctions you can register on Envy and...

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