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Please follow our posting guidelines to avoid them being removed​

We implement posting guidelines to protect our members and visitors from viewing harmful or abusive content. Please keep our website a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Terms and Rules Overview​

  • No defamatory comments either directly or indirectly
  • No abusive or otherwise hateful comments
  • No threating comments
  • No spam in comments, unless linked to trusted websites such as YouTube, no links should be provided for self promotion
  • No comments that are likely to offend. This could mean any comments directly or indirectly without the usage of profanity and hate, but will still likely to offend such as past tragedies, and historical criminals
  • No adult content, we do not allow the usage of [removed text]ographic content in any area of our website, this includes groups and media albums and/or public uploads
  • Do not give out any personal information on public forums, or request them either. If you're safe knowing the person you want to give out personal information to, you should do so through private messages, or third party services such as SMS and Facebook messenger.
  • Do not link to illegal or pirated software, or any other content that is considered illegal.
  • Do not try to engage in any illegal activities when using our website, this also includes encouraging others to engage in illegal activity.
  • You acknowledge that any content you post on our forums, chat, groups, or anywhere else that allows comments, you take full responsibility. Your actions are yours, and yours alone.
  • You agree that we may modify any content you make public, or make available to the website with or without notice.
Posting guidelines may change at anytime, and you will be notified should they change.

Be nice, and respect others. Happy chatting!
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Promoted Blogs Spotlight

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