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7 November 2023
Before purchasing from 2PXUK
As a buyer it is important to understand the correct process of buying on PlayerAuctions. The seller doesn't get disbursed until the order is fully completed. There are a small number of customers who buy accounts and don't confirm delivery/inspection of account which puts funds on hold for up to three days. I'm in the process of making all future accounts without first time security allowing buyers to have no need to contact the seller, and have the account straight away without any hassle. But it is important that buyers confirm delivery/inspection after updating the security on the account. Please see below on the order process on PlayerAuctions


Unfortunately these steps only seem to show on desktop view, and for those on mobiles they may not know the proper process on ordering on PlayerAuctions. When the buyer doesn't confirm delivery of the order, I will have to attempt to reach out to the buyer.

It is entirely optional to leave me feedback on PlayerAuctions, although any feedback is welcome the good and the bad. If you've got a minute to rate your order experience I'd appreciate it!
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