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31 October 2023

what's been changed​

We've made a few changes to focus more on user experience. As such, the following areas have been changed or improved.

  • Alert System
  • Usernames
  • Terms and Rules Popup

Alert system​

  • Members can now 'Mark Read' on single alerts
  • Multi-select ability to mark as 'Read' or 'Unread'


To improve the ease of use on Envy we have made the following changes regarding usernames
  • Usernames will be generated without choice upon registration
  • Usernames can be changed as many times without a waiting period or approval
Usernames will now be randomly generated when registering without prior choice of picking one. This change was made to make the signup process better. Some visitors will not be able to decide on a username on the spot, and with generated usernames, they're free to change their username when they've thought of one they'd like to use. To do this follow the steps below
We also believe that the members identity on the website is important to them. As such, there is no waiting period on changing their usernames, and does not require approval to confirm username changes. You should be able to use what ever name you want, whenever you want without restrictions. Some websites may limit you, but we won't.

Terms and rules popup​

When clicking on the terms and rules you, was probably directed to a different page. As from today, clicking on the terms and rules will show as a popup on the same page. There is no need to keep checking the terms and rules after you've initially read them. This is because when the terms and rules are updated, you'll be prompted to review them before continuing using Envy, This may be done while clicking on a different page, or on your next login, but only if you've not logged in since the new terms and rules were updated.

We're always trying to improve user experience, and will continually keep bringing new features to the Envy website. If you have any suggestions, please use the contact form.
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