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  1. Pikachu

    Official Thread Update 19/05/24

    Changes have been made on our website and new features have been introduced. To jump straight into the new changes we'll start with the marketplace. The Buy & Sell forum now acts as a classifieds allowing members to create a classified for what they're buying. If no image is inserted there will...
  2. Pikachu

    Official Thread Wallpaper Picker

    Are you bored of seeing the same look? Now you can change the style of how you view Envy! And the best part is you don't need to be registered! Just follow the instructions and give your viewing a whole new experience. Then you'll see the give different variants you can select Once you've...
  3. EnvyBot Updates

    Official Blog EnvyBot Updates

    Keep up to date with EnvyBot changes You can view all of the latest updates, changes, new features, current version and more on the EnvyBot thread. https://www.envy.chat/envybot

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