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  1. 2pxuk

    SOLD UneasyT[HIDDEN] - 271,135 Gamerscore

    This account was sold on May 16th 2024 and bought by La************ on PlayerAuctions.com This account was for 271,135 Gamerscore and sold for special price $95.00 Occasionally 2pxuk will sell accounts much less than the usual pricing of $0.75 per 1,000 Gamerscore. The original listing URL...
  2. 2pxuk

    SOLD Xbox Gamerscore Service 11,500 | No Mods

    This is a Gamerscore service. The buyer contacted to have 11,500 Gamerscore earned on their own account Buyer was given 22,880 Gamerscore additional free totalling 35,380 Gamerscore for being a loyal customer This service cost $9.37 and took place on April 12th 2024 by buyer She******* The...

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