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  1. Envy

    Official Thread Postings on X

    Stay up to date on x All threads created on Envy will automatically be posted to X so you don't miss a thing. Please visit below for our link to X https://twitter.com/envydotchat
  2. Envy

    Official Thread IRC Chat Changes

    Upcoming changes to IRC Scheduled changes to the IRC server will take place today. These changes have been made to ensure the 2PX marketplace for account and service selling has easier access to support. That being said, the webchat will no longer have a default trivia chat room, but instead...
  3. Red Sea attacks

    World News Red Sea attacks

    Red Sea attacks: Greek vessel hit by missile fired by Houthi rebels Yemen's Houthi movement has hit another ship in the Red Sea off Yemen, the Iranian-backed rebel group says. The Greek-owned bulk carrier Zografia was sailing from Vietnam to Israel when it was struck on Tuesday. It is said to...

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