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Learn about Account Limitations​

From time to time way may need to limit accounts from using all or some features on Envy. If you are viewing this page from the link on your profile please review some of the reasons your account may have been limited.

  • Spam Accounts
  • Abusive Behavior
  • Inappropriate Media Uploads
  • Harassing Behavior
You can be limited for one or all of these reasons at one time. For individual violations only one limitation will be implemented. For example, if you upload inappropriate images to the Media Gallery, you’ll be restricted from using it but can use everything else. For spam accounts the limitation is indefinite and affects all features of the website. This will be displayed in the profile on what limitation been implemented. Limitations are based on codes shown below

Spam Accounts code L1
Abusive Behavior code L2
Media Uploads code L3
Harassing Behavior code L4

If you feel you have been unfairly limited please use our contact page, or email
Not open for further replies.

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