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Official Blog Win $10.00 Cash

This is an official blog posted by Envy Staff

No limits free member slots​

You can try your luck unlimited times for a chance to win $10.00. Please review the terms and conditions below

  • Available only to members registered on a valid Envy account.
  • This is a free promotion available only to registered members.
  • Members can try their luck endless times in the Envy Default chatroom
  • Prize can be claimed unlimited times
  • The odds of winning are 1 in 500. The odds are subject to change with notice
  • Anyone in the household can participate and is not limited to one IP
  • Anyone using a VPN can also participate
  • Members will have to email support@envy.chat to claim their prize after it's been valided you will receive your funds within one hour of prize validation.

If your spin is lucky, you will see this result​

You spin the Envy Slot Machine for a chance to win $10.00 PayPal Cash, here are your results. 💎💎💎 diamond, diamond. diamond. It's a match! Congratulations. contact support for your $10.00 PayPal Cash

Good luck!

All communication in the Envy Chatroom are logged, and fraudulent members making false claims will be subject to limitations, or suspensions.

This promotion is running from December 19th until January 1st 2024. When this promotion ends a new one will start for even more chances to win free prizes.


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