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The year is now 2024​

What a year 2023 has been! Envy started up on October 2023, and will continue to grow and continue. There's no stopping Envy!

We'd like to welcome all of our newest members who have registered. And a happy new year to all of you!

Side note​

2pxuk has a section on envy where you can get bonus gamerscore free! Just simply register and message 2pxuk on here with your order ID and username. And they will take care of the rest.

Unlimited Spins​

You can still continue to win free cash paid via PayPal by using !spin and !loot in the chatroom 'Envy Default'. Sounds good right? Increase your chances even more by upgrading to a membership by visiting This is only optional and you're not forced to subscribe to a monthly membership. But cash rewards will be higher in !loot, and odds are better for !<tier>spin such as !diamondspin if you're a diamond subscriber

Christmas Snow Effect​

With the end of Christmas you may have noticed there's no more falling snow on the website. It'll be back on December 1st 2024.

If you have any questions or need any support please send an email to and one of our friendly staff members will respond to you.


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